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From John:

(July 2012) John B and fellow Flying Burrito Brothers band mate Larry Patton have been knocking country-rock fans inNorway&Denmark, playing a series of major festivals and clubs promoting their latest CD PATTON & BELAND “REACH FOR THE SKY”.

For the festivals, the boys have been joined onstage by ace Norwegian drummer, Christian Seneger, knocking out two hours of solid rocking classic FBB songs as well as a long list of material ranging from Hank Williams, Dylan, Van Morrison, Chuck Berry, and more.

On the acoustic duo dates, John plays mandolin, Telecaster and dobro with Larry on acoustic guitar doing a wide selection of material ranging from their work with the FBB as well as original and classic country rock & blues tunes.

As always, the reaction inNorwayhas been terrific, due in part to the many times the guys have appeared here and their ever growing fan base.

The tour comes to an end in August. Plans are in the works for a winter return!


Photos Here:

Holiday Wishes and a Happy 2012 !

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Greetings from Brenham, Texas where we’re in the middle of another wonderful holiday season. Where does the time go? Seems like only yesterday we were all celebrating the arrival of 2011! 

This last year been a great one for me, but now I’m really looking forward to 2012. Lots of plans and projects in the works, all to be announced soon. 

It was such a treat to return to Australia in 2011 and work in the studio with my old mates Brian Cadd and Glenn Shorrock up in ByronBay. What a sensational time I had. Boy, they sure know how to throw party’s !!!

I also had the pleasure of working on Austin  singer/songwriter Daniel Wittington’s new CD project out at Dick Gimble’s studio inWaco, Texas. Dick, son of legendary fiddle player Johnny Gimble, invited me  to join Daniel and speak at BaylorUniversity, where he heads up the music department. We had a good time talking with the music students and answering questions. All & all it was a great couple days working with Dick (upright bass playing monster) and Daniel. 

As of this writing, I’m preparing to head back to Norway along with my fellow Flying Burrito Brothers band mate Larry Patton  for a series of shows in January. Can’t wait to see everyone again. It’s been too long!

Speaking of Norway, I’m currently working on producing tracks for Norway writer PG Stolen, one half of the great duo PG & Frank. What a sensational writer and lovely guy. His project will be out in 2012.

Also, Waz E James CD project  “Noisy Trucks”, which I also produced last year, will be officially out in early 2012, as well. It’s a great CD and I expect to hear some terrific responses to this very unique and talented artist. 

Here at home, I’m playing selected dates on the classic guitar, such as The Inn At Dos Brisas, Ernie’s American Bistro and Manuel’s. Always fun and a nice change from the other work I do overseas. 

My son Chris is doing terrific and performing all over the Bend Oregon area. We plan on a recording project together as soon as I return from Norway. It’s something we are really looking forward to. You can catch up on Chris’s great music at 

2011 also brought some sad news with the death of my dear old band mate, Nigel Pickering from Spanky & our Gang. Nigel was a real mentor to me, having joined up with him when I was only 19. Together we toured the country sharing stages with the Hollies, Byrds and 2nd City Players. Through Nigel, I met Linda Ronstadt (on a blind date he set up!) From there my career really took off, thanks in part to the experience of working with this veteran of rock and roll. He was such a pro and colorful character who taught me so much about performing. Even though he was 20 years older, his influence and show business knowledge really made an impact on me.  Bless his big ol heart and may he find a comfortable spot in that glorious Angel Band upstairs. 

I want to wish you and yours a very happy and healthy 2012. May you all stay safe and enjoy life.  A special thanks to my dear friends Lotta (who maintains this web site), Mary Diebold, my very first steady gal and lifelong steady friend, my best mate Brian Cadd & my close friend Lois Fletcher who started it all …and last, but not least, my one and only sweet Pauline.

Don’t forget to visit me on facebook at

Thank you for supporting my music through the years and allowing me to continue on this amazing  journey.   Happy New Year!!!

John Beland


December 29, 2011



JB RETURNS (Once again!) TO OZ

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(August 2011 Byron Bay Australia)

John is busy at work recording with Australian rock legends Brian Cadd and Glenn Shorrock (former “original” lead singer for The Little River Band). at Brian Cadd’s home in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia.  John and Brian have recorded 15 tracks for Brian’s upcoming CD “The One’s That Got Away.”

The guitars and bass guitar chores have been handled by JB. All vocals & keyboards by Brian with additional vocals by Glenn Shorrock. All three mates have known each other for years and the sessions have been a real gathering of old friends.

Additional guitars for John were provided by 10CC guitarist Rick Fenn, who lived right around the corner from Brian. Says John ” Instead of borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor, we simply borrowed an extra Les Paul guitar. This place is fabulous!”

Also, while in Australia JB had a chance to hook up with the great Russell (“Real Thing”) Morris, who’s last CD (with Brian Cadd) JB played guitars on.

John returns home to Texas on September 9th.

(attached photo)

JB, Glenn Shorrock and Brian Cadd in the studio and JB, Brian and rock legend Russell Morris.

Deck The Halls with tons of blessings…

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Greetings from Texas one and all. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Mine was very special, spent right here at home in Texas with Pauline and her three dogs, Febee, Nebo and Rosey. It’s great to be back home.

My recent  trip to Melbourne was amazing and full of incredible music and friendship at every turn. Waz E James’s CD project came off great thanks to the stellar players and, of course, Matt, my young but brilliant engineer. Everyone was so professional and managed to rise way above any of my expectations. I’m now finishing up the album back here at Tyler Trax and hope to have it completed by the new year..

While recording in Melbourne with Waz, I also played guitar on the latest album project for rock legends Brian Cadd & Russell Morris. It was terrific seeing these long time friends of mine after so many years. Needless to say, time hasn’t dampened, nor diminished, their legendary talent. They sang and delivered some of the greatest music I have heard in years. Like fine wine, mates!

I also had the opportunity to play a few dates with the Waz E James band, and that was a sheer joy. Been a while since I had the chance to play some real flat out Chicago blues guitar and I jumped right into it. I actually cut my teeth on blues guitar growing up on the south side of Chicago.

Waz and the band were terrific live, and I had a ball. So much so that it looks as if I may be returning to Australia in January for a series of live dates with the band, including the famous Tamworth Music Festival.

This will be my 2nd Tamworth appearance.

To all my friends in OZ who made my stay there a delight, I can only say “thanks, mates.” A special nod to the staff at Claypots Pub in St Kilda, where I played quite a few dates with Waz & the band and feasted on my favorite dish…Fish Pie! Yummy!!!

Back here at Tyler Trax I’m also hard at work on the new mini CD by the incredible Wolf Sisters. It’s sounding terrific, with each and every track sounding like a top 40 smash. These girls are going to be major artists soon and this Cd will certainly help get them there.

The best thing to happen since I last blogged, was the recent discovery of my son Chris. It’s quite a story and I will post it soon. Chris is a great singer songwriter living in Bend Oregon with his lovely wife Annie. I, and my entire family, are thrilled to have them in our lives and I am more than thrilled to have him as my son.

I will be flying up to Bend for Chris’s CD launch in December. We will see each other in person for the first time, and it will certainly be an emotional experience for all, to say the least.

Christmas is around the corner and I’m happy as can be about it. This is my favorite time of the year and it brings back so many treasured memories. I’m really blessed to have my Pauline in my life, as well as my children, my brothers and sister as well as the latest welcome addition of Chris & Annie and their kids.

 And I’m just as blessed to be able to continue making great music and working with incredible writers and musicians around the world.

Those are gifts you couldn’t fit under a tree.

So that’s it for now. Will stay in touch and talk more before Christmas. Till then, enjoy the holidays and be kind to each other. And once again, thanks for stopping by and supporting my music. It means so much to know that it’s appreciated.

A big thanks to my dear friend and webmaster Lotta, who keeps the ship afloat. Thanks so much sweetie!

Cheers to all

John Beland

Brenham Texas

November 29 2010

(attached..Chris’s CD cover and JB & engineer Matt in the studio recording the Waz E James sessions))



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October 8th Melbourne:


Waz E James CD rolling ahead on schedule. We’ve been quite busy in the past 2 weeks recording tracks here in Melbourne for the project, as well as appearing at live events. The live gigs with Waz and the band have been especially fun. Most of the venues have been pubs in and around Melbourne and the response has been quite fabulous. The folks here in Melbourne are total music lovers and really show their appreciation for the great acts here. It’s a throwback to the old days in LA when the crowds came to the gigs for the music, and not just to “be seen.” It’s refreshing and stimulating to be in an environment like this.


While here in Melbourne, I’m also playing guitar on the new CD by Aussie rock legends Brian Cadd  & Russel Morris. These sessions have been fantastic. The material and the performers are top flight and it should turn out to be a monster CD for these two respected rockers.


So all’s well Down Under for this guitar gun slinger, and if all goes according to schedule, I should be back in Texas by the first of November. All of us here are hoping that this trip will mark the beginning of a steady work for me here in Melbourne as a producer. I certainly hope so, as I have fallen in love with the city and music scene here.


That’s all for now. More to come soon.


Cheers to all and enjoy the lovely Fall season!!



 Attached: Waz E James & JB poster


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September 22nd, 2010.

Locked up the house in Brenham and headed to the Houston airport to start the first day of my journey back to Australia.

We loaded all my suitcases, carry on bag and guitar into Pauline’s little VW Beetle and hit the road. Pauline is wiz at driving through the manic Houston freeway system. It’s really NOT for the faint of heart! After a teary goodbye at the terminal, I was on my way..missing Ms P already.


Houston has a fabulous airport. This year it was ranked 2nd  as the most favorite airport in the USA. I can see why. Everyone behind the counters and at security treat you with courtesy and kindness, a rarity at all the other airports I’ve been in. And it’s a clean airport…another rarity!


Off into the skies to Los Angeles for one stopover before heading over the ocean for the long flight of 14 hours. LAX is a weird airport and certainly not up to the standards of Houston’s. Food at LAX is triple in price no matter where you go. I stopped at a bakery bistro and ordered a chicken salad sandwich that not only cost me $9.00, but tasted like crap. I chucked it in the trash in favor of a McDonald’s grilled chicken. Oh well..I’m out of here and back in the air in a few minutes…but that damned chicken salad sandwich still lingers on my taste buds!

 All in all, a very busy day coming to a close here at the gate at LAX, with many more miles ahead.

Time to board…more adventures await. Up, up and away!


SEPT 24th

Arrived safe and sound in Melbourne after a grueling flight on United. It’s amazing, the level of disconcern  United Airlines has for it’s passengers. The seats are so small that a mosquito would feel offended sitting in one. It was a full flight and everyone was crammed into their seats, forced to sit for 14 hours, eating crap food and watching the same film over and over again on one single screen in the center of the plane. Then, mid way over the ocean, a passenger became ill and suddenly died! The flight was rerouted to a different terminal upon landing in Sydney, where all passengers were led to a gate where we waited 5 hours until we were able to take off for our final destination, Melbourne. Finally in Melbourne, it took hours to wait for our bags and get through customs, but eventually I made it to the lobby where Waz E James was patiently waiting to pick me up.

Waz is a fabulous guy, as well as a great musician and writer. He’s also a very much in demand architect with his own business in Melbourne. Waz took me to his house, which serves as his office and recording studio. I met some of his interns as well as his lovely girlfriend, Kris. All were charming as could be, and I really felt as if I was “back home” in Australia again.

Later that evening we had a great night out with my best mate, and fellow compadre in music, the one and only Brian Cadd, along with as his lovely daughter ( my unofficial niece) Jessica, and her husband. A great welcome home evening spent telling tales and adventures and polishing off many a red wine. Just like old times!



Today ( Friday) We started recording on Brian & Russell Morris’s new CD project out at Russell’s studio just outside Melbourne. Three songs were on deck and we began with laying down acoustic guitars and mandolin. The material is simply fantastic. These two legendary artists make it obvious to see why they have scored so much success in this country for the past 4 decades. Each song sounded like number one hit, even in it’s early stage of production.

Between recording, Russell cooked up a great Chicken Cacciatori dinner along with a few bottles of red wine and many more great war stories between the three of us topped the conversation.

Thanks to our mate, Terry Dean of Terry Dean’s Guitars, for providing the mandolin and high strung acoustic for the date. More recording tomorrow morning. A very creative day in the studio…and lots of fun!

Off To New Recording Adventures Abroad!

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Well, fall is now upon us… and for this guitar player, many miles and much activity lay ahead. First off, I have just started work on a new CD by the Wolf Sisters, two of the finest harmony singers I have heard in many years. If you were to mix the Everly Brothers with Linda Ronstadt, you would have an idea of how great these two beautiful sisters from Kerville, Texas are. Needless to say, I’m thrilled to be working on their new CD of all original material. More on them soon! On September 9th, Pauline and I attended the CD launch party for Buck Johnson at the Longhorn Saloon in Brenham, TX. It was a great turnout for ol Buck, who played live for the folks in attendance. Lot’s of fun, and we wish Buck much success with the new CD, which your’s truly was proud to have produced. On the 22nd of September I leave for Melbourne, Australia for 6 weeks of recording, performing and guitar clinics. I’ll be producing the Waz E James Band’s next CD, as well as playing guitar on a new CD project for Aussie rock legends Brian Cadd and Russell Morris. In between there will be live performing and guitar clinics, all to be announced soon. When I get back to Texas, I’ll be in the studio with CMA Award winning writer Dewayne Blackwell (“Friends in Low Places” & “I’m Mr Blue”), who will be flying in from Mexico for 3 days of recording at my place. Dewayne and I have been working together in the studio since I was 18 years old, starting back in Hollywood and through the 80’s and 90’s in Nashville. It will really be a treat working with this legendary songwriter once again. We had a few problems with the web site being down for a few days. However, thanks to the persistence and hard work by the ever faithful, Lotta Asp, we’re now back up and running. Please stop by the forum and say hello. Let us hear from you! Cheers to everyone, and here’s to a great fall season. It’s a lovely time of the year. Stay safe. Peace & well Wishes John B ( attached picture from left to right..Buck Johnson, (graphic designer) Lisa Rosato and JB at the CD launch for Buck Johnson at the Longhorn Saloon, Brenham TX September 9th, 2010. )



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Greetings to all and thanks for stopping by. Hope everyone has had a great summer. Here in Texas it’s been one unbearable heat wave after another. Not for the faint of heart!

Ms P and I will be traveling to Brockport, NY this month to reunite with former Linda Ronstadt band mate and long time buddy, Thad Maxwell. Once a year we get together on Lake Ontario for music and memories. We always put on a loose show for the neighbors and everyone has a ball! City to join in the 2 day festivities.

It looks like a full plate of music & travel for September. First off, I’ll be flying to Melbourne, Australia, to produce the Waz E James Band’s next CD. Waz is a terrific singer / songwriter with a very unique alternative country rock-blues sound, not unlike that of a Bob Dylan, Mark Knoffler or Tom Waits. The band is very well known throughout Australia, where they tour extensively and have recorded a few CD’s on their own. This is going to be a great project to work on. I’m very honored to have been asked to produce their next recording project.

It’s going to be a real pleasure to return to Australia after an 8 year absence. I’ve always considered Oz to be my second home, having recorded, and toured, there for  three decades, as well as actually living in Brisbane just prior to my arrival here in Texas a few years back.

 Over the years I’ve been lucky to have written and produced a few top 5 country hits there, as well as working on albums for artists such as Bec Willis, Lee Conway, Michael King, Kel-Anne Brandt, Michael O’Rourke, Chris Webbe, Diana Woods, Shayne Parley, Marg Manfield and others. Besides performing solo concerts and split bills with songwriter Bec Willis, I also held a successful songwriter’s workshop in Brisbane, and appeared at a number of guitar clinics up and down the coast for Thomastik-Infeld Guitar Strings.

I still have many great mates there such as the great Brian Cadd, Little River Band giant Glenn Shorrock,  hit maker Russell Morris, legendary country DJ John Nutting, rocker Chris Webbe to name a few. Looking forward to catching up with all of them!

While in Oz I’ll be performing some selected live shows in the Melbourne area with Waz and the band, as well as a few with my best friend, Brian Cadd. There may even be a few dates with my buddy, rocker Chris Webbe. Great times ahead!!


The new Rick Nelson Box Set is due out next month on Bear Family Records. I have 2 co-written songs in this collection of previously unreleased material, as well as many tracks I played guitar on..including the long awaited release of Rick’s “The Memphis Sessions.”album, recorded in 1979 and in it’s original full entirety. I was proud to have contributed to the liner notes for this box set, which will be a real treasure to any and all fans of the late great Ricky Nelson. 

I’ll be writing a day to day diary on my Aussie trip for this blog, so stay tuned!

I’m thrilled that my web organizer Lotta Asp has added a Forum to our site. Please feel free to join in and say “hey.” I’ll be responding to all posts and checking in as much as possible.

Thanks to Ms Lotta for keeping the JB site going. Thanks to all of you who have supported my music for so many years.

Cheers from Texas



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I was recently asked to contribute some stories for the upcoming autobiography of Australian rock legend, Brian Cadd. The book is due out this year. Brian and I have been best friends and musical mates for nearly four decades, recording & touring together in Melbourne, Brisbane, Hollywood, Nashville and China. I’m thrilled to have been asked to contribute to his autobiography, and consider our friendship one of the highlights of my forty plus year career in this business. Please visit Brian’s web site at



Now that the Buck Johnson CD project is finished, I’m back at work on my next solo CD of Irish influenced songs, both contemporary as well as traditional. One of the tracks already completed was written by the great Irish contemporary folk writer, Thom Moore. Thom was the founding member of the legendary band, Midnight Well. I hope to have this project ready in time for St. Patrick’s Day 2011.


Staying very busy here at home, performing around the Brazos Valley, playing classical guitar at wineries, bistros, private and public events. It’s a lot of fun, and a challenge, to play standards from the 1940’s to date. Each old song is a time capsule and the audience is usually very appreciative of hearing these standards, all performed in a Chet Atkins style of playing. Needless to say, my ol Fender Classical guitar is getting a workout this summer.


That’s it from here. Hope you’ll continue to stop by and say “hey.” More music to come and we’ll certainly keep you up to date as it all happens.

Cheers to All

John B






Summertime is Here

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From John: 

 A big “hello” to everyone. Summer is finally here, and not a moment too soon! A lot has been happening since my last Christmas blog.


 For the most part, I have been home in Brenham, Texas, locked away in the recording studio working on various projects, as well as performing classic guitar at wineries and bistro’s in and around Washington County. It’s great to be home and not having to rush through airports and travel all over holy hell, as in past years. I do have plans to travel this year, but not as grinding as in past trips.


I finally finished my BIG GUITARS – VOLUME TWO CD and it’s now available through this web site. I love doing the BIG GUITAR projects and revisiting some of the old songs that influenced me so much as an up and coming guitar player. I hope you’ll pick up volumes one and two, as they make a great addition to any party or gathering you might be having this summer.


Texas singer / songwriter Buck Johnson’s CD project is finished and ready to hit the streets this month. We spent a long time on this one, but the results make the time and effort well worth it. If you like traditional Texas country honky tonk music, I suggest you pick up a copy of Buck’s CD, called THE TALL DARK STRANGER. The CD also features some great players, including former Linda Ronstadt band alumni, the legendary steel guitar ace, Herb Steiner as well as steel guitar champ, Bill Terry. More info on where you can get Buck’s CD coming soon to my web site.


I’m also working on a couple unique projects. The first is a new radio program to be called RADIO RANCH. Radio veteran, Ken Murray, and I are mapping it out now. The show will feature songs and stories built around my writing, playing and recording career in country music. We’ll feature interviews with top acts and play rare  songs by classic country legends, and give you an insight into the making of their records. Many fans never hear the “other” material of their favorite artists, only their hits. We plan to feature their other great songs, the one’s that never made it to radio.

The show will air on Saturday nights. we are presently in talks now.


The other project I’m working on is the completion of my book, YOUNGER THAN YESTERDAY – A LIFE IN COUNTRY ROCK. I’ve been working on this book for years and now  finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The book will feature appearances by many of the people I have worked with over the years, as well as some vintage, previously unseen photos from my private collection. As a bonus, each book with come with a four song CD featuring new songs by myself, specifically written for the book. I hope to finish by Christmas.


I was recently interviewed for a new book on the life of Ricky Nelson, to be published in early 2011. I was also interviewed for a new film coming out about the famous LA club, the Troubadour.


Ms P and I are taking advantage of my time home, catching up on movies and events and enjoying the time together. It’s great to be home, seeing friends, neighbors and loved ones.. and not burning up time looking out the window of an airplane. although I do confess to missing many of my friends and fans abroad. I hope to make it back to Europe soon. there is still plenty of rockin left to do!!


Oh yes, and there’s O’Malley, my big black cat who hails from the planet Krypto. He and I share this neat little ol Texas house just off the town square here in Brenham. He tends to make noise while I’m in the studio, so he’s been ejected from many a session. But he’s a cool companion, when he’s quiet!


So all is great. Summer is here, and the historical Brazos Valley is in full bloom. Music and history is everywhere, and it’s the perfect time to be in Texas. If you are a fan of the old west, Brenham is a great place to be. Just down the street from me, the famed outlaw John Wesley Hardin used to roam the area, using Brenham as one of his stomping grounds. Just across the road from Ms P, in Chappell Hill, the Crockett family are buried, all descendants of the famed folk hero, DAVY CROCKETT. Also buried in the same little cemetery is the only son of Alamo hero, William B Travis.

Our area was also a stop over for Indian fighter General George Armstrong Custer’s troops, heading back east. But most importantly, this is the birthplace of Texas, where the constitution was drafted and signed, giving Texas it’s independence from Mexico. Lot’s of history, that’s for sure.


So have yourselves a great summer. Be safe and have fun. Much more music to come and many great adventures ahead. My heartfelt thanks to the wonderful Ms Lotta Asp, for all her continuing hard work on my behalf, maintaining this web site. Love ya, Lotta P.


Finally, our thoughts and prayers are with the many friends and loved one’s struggling in the Gulf over this damned BP mess. Like always, we’ll get through it. But for now, they are facing desperate times ahead. Let’s hope it can all be cleaned up, and those effected get compensated from BP. without any red tape or delays.


That’s it for now. happy summer everyone!



Cheers from here

God Bless

John Beland

June 2010