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July 2014


Hello everyone and "cheers" from Norway, where I'm currently on tour with Norwegian recording artist Bright Owe Ognedal.

It's been a very long time since I last blogged (is that a correct word?) and so much has happened since I last wrote.


I've been continuing my travels to Norway, performing and recording and having a terrific time each and every time I come over here. It really has been kind of a 2nd home to me and it's always a joy to see my many dear friends on this side of the pond.

There certainly are a lot of guitar fans here in Norway. And they like it loud and rockin’ and that's ok with me! Bright and I have been tearing it up at festivals and clubs throughout the country and having a rip roaring time doing so. The fans here are not shy about letting you know they like you, and that's a real treat.


Back in Texas I've been busy glued to the studio chair working on albums for Norwegian country artists PG Stolen and my latest artist,the young and talented powerhouse, Morgan Lee.

It's really a thrill to work with a young artist of his caliber and to see his potential blossom. The kids going to be huge.


My friends Ron & Kevin at Helstern Guitars have made their 2nd guitar for me, the JB-2. It's one of the most beautiful classical guitars I have ever seen or played. Please check it out at www.helsternguitars.com

I'm headed up their way in Wisconsin for some solo shows and meetings in August. Look forward to seeing the team again and getting my paws on that  JB 2!!


Sadly, I lost my favorite Aunt this year, my Aunt Delphine. She was such a supporter of my career and such a joy to grow up with. I played at her funeral in Chicago and performed (instrumentally) Dolly's, " I Will Always Love You" . And I always will...


Starting on the new book next month with author Gregory Peters. Excited to finally be putting this crazy life down on paper. People have been asking to write one for years, so here we go.


So aside from spending most of my days flying through the clouds, my cat Picker and I are doing good and looking forward to the projects and gigs ahead. Many best wishes from this beautiful country, Norway, where summer is a stroll through heaven.

Cheers All






(July 2012) John B and fellow Flying Burrito Brothers band mate Larry Patton have been knocking country-rock fans in Norway & Denmark, playing a series of major festivals and clubs promoting their latest CD PATTON & BELAND "REACH FOR THE SKY".
For the festivals, the boys have been joined onstage by ace Norwegian drummer, Christian Seneger, knocking out two hours of solid rocking classic FBB songs as well as a long list of material ranging from Hank Williams, Dylan, Van Morrison, Chuck Berry, and more.
On the acoustic duo dates, John plays mandolin, Telecaster and dobro with Larry on acoustic guitar doing a wide selection of material ranging from their work with the FBB as well as original and classic country rock & blues tunes.
As always, the reaction in Norway has been terrific, due in part to the many times the guys have appeared here and their ever growing fan base.
The tour comes to an end in August. Plans are in the works for a winter return!







Summer 2012:

JB returns to Norway with fellow Flying Burrito Brother Larry Patton for 6 weeks of clubs and festivals. On the heels of their new CD PATTON & BELAND - REACH FOR THE SKY" the guys will do a series of acoustic and full band appearances throughout Norway and Denmark. (use pic of CD attached)




 Nationally renown artist and guitar maker Ron Helstern has combined forces with John Beland to produce the JB Signature Guitar. Based upon John's specs. This one of a kind beautiful Zebra Wood acoustic guitar will be for sale in early September 2012.
Says John, "I couldn't be more thrilled than to have an artist like Ron Helstern build a guitar based upon what I personally look for in the ultimate acoustic guitar. He's a true artist and I'm sure this is going to be one beautiful instrument when it's completed."
 John will be previewing the new JB guitar at a special performance at Helstern Guitars in Barronett Wisconsin in September. Details soon!
(pic 2 - John going over designs with Helstern co-designer Kevin McClain.)
Pic 3- Kevin McClain, John Beland and Ron Helstern at the Helstern guitar factory in Barronett Wisconsin.)


John will join up with son Chris for a one night only house concert in Bend, Oregon August 25, 2012. The two will be previewing songs from Chris's upcoming CD as well as songs from John's songbook. Should be another night to remember! (pic 4 Chris and John onstage)









( April 2012 ) Good news for Flying Burrito Brothers fans. Former Burrito's John Beland & Larry Patton will once again be performing in Norway from June thru August, They will also have a brand new studio CD out, as well. "Reach For The Sky" by Patton & Beland will feature 12 all new recordings by the guys. Sat tuned! Dates will be listed soon!








(April 27, 2012) John performed for Lieutenant Governor ( and Senate candidate ) David Dewhurst, and his wife Patricia, at their lovely home in Houston on April 27th. The Lieutenant Governor had seen John perform at the world famous Inn At Dos Brisas and personally invited him to perform for the Dewhurst's and their guests.
"The Dewhursts are terrific people and I was very honored to be invited to their home to perform."





5 Star resort get's a

5 star guitarist!

The Inn At Dos Brisas in Washington County is now featuring John on guitar for their Sunday brunch's. The Inn is the only 5 star restaurant resort in the entire state of Texas, catering to a who's who client list of the rich & famous.
So if you're in the area, you can catch John at the Inn At Dos Brisas on Sundays in beautiful Washington Texas, "Birthplace of Texas."





John and Larry is performing for Radio Norway ,January 20th 2012.

 Sorry for late post.



John has returned to Norway. This time accompanied by Larry Patton, his old time partner from the Flying Burrito years.

Look at the "Touring"  page for information on their appearances.  More to come!!





JB RETURNS (Once again!) TO OZ


(August 2011 Byron Bay Australia)

John is busy at work recording with Australian rock legends Brian Cadd and Glenn Shorrock (former "original" lead singer for The Little River Band). at Brian Cadd's home in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia.  John and Brian have recorded 15 tracks for Brian's upcoming CD "The One's That Got Away."

The guitars and bass guitar chores have been handled by JB. All vocals & keyboards by Brian with additional vocals by Glenn Shorrock. All three mates have known each other for years and the sessions have been a real gathering of old friends.

Additional guitars for John were provided by 10CC guitarist Rick Fenn, who lived right around the corner from Brian. Says John " Instead of borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor, we simply borrowed an extra Les Paul guitar. This place is fabulous!"

Also, while in Australia JB had a chance to hook up with the great Russell ("Real Thing") Morris, who's last CD (with Brian Cadd) JB played guitars on.

John returns home to Texas on September 9th.

(attached photo)

JB, Glenn Shorrock and Brian Cadd in the studio and JB, Brian and rock legend Russell Morris.





Here's a couple more Burrito videos

for your entertainment...



Please Enjoy the Music!



So sorry this Rick Nelson video is cut a little short...


John Beland "LIVE" at Bob Stane's "Coffee Gallery" in Altadena, January 18th, 8 pm.
John will be opening for singer songwriter, Bob Lind (Elusive Butterfly).
Hope you can make it. Should be a great evening!

Dec  21 2010

John Beland and his son Chris meet for the first time just before Chris' release party for his sophomore recording "The Weatherman." John flew in and collaborated with Chris one afternoon to play this song for the show. Watch father and son play live together for the first time. Amazingly, John had Chris at the age of 31, and it wasn't until 31 years later that Chris actually was introduced to his father!



  The following article is posted a little late due to Webmaster's schedule.  This event has already occurred.  More to follow!!

Music in his genes

Bend singer-songwriter Chris Beland just discovered his biological father is veteran guitarist John Beland. On Monday, they'll meet for the first time.

By Ben Salmon / The Bulletin

Thanks to John Beland's long and high-profile career in the music business, the veteran guitarist, songwriter and producer receives his share of unusual e-mails from fans and other folks.

Some know his solo work or one of his songs that another singer turned into a hit. Others may recognize him as the leader of legendary country-rock band the Flying Burrito Brothers in the 1980s and '90s. And some may remember his years as an in-demand guitarist to big stars like Dolly Parton, Ricky Nelson and Linda Ronstadt.

Barbara Chabot, a 53-year-old social worker who lives outside Denver, wrote Beland a few months ago. She didn't fall into any of those categories, though she did see Beland perform with Nelson at a county fair in California in 1978.

But it was the highly personal nature of Chabot's message that drew Beland's attention.

“I sent him an e-mail and it said, ‘I really need to have contact with you.' And he wrote me back and said, ‘Um, do I know you?' ” Chabot said in an interview earlier this week. “And I said, ‘I think better than you remember.'

“ ‘This is a embarrassing, but a couple days ago I was shocked by the results of my son's paternity test,' ” Chabot continued, recalling her note to Beland. “ ‘And the person I thought was his biological father is not his biological father.' ”

From his home in Brenham, Texas, Beland, 61, said he didn't think too much of Chabot's correspondence until she included a link to a video of her son, Chris, performing at a church. He clicked on the video and suddenly, everything changed.

“My first impression was he looked exactly like my father and he looked a lot like my son, Tyler, who's 21,” Beland said, speaking with a distinct Midwestern accent that surfaces when he gets excited. “The similarity was just jaw-dropping.

“His vocal and his guitar playing were very similar to mine, and his mannerisms were similar to mine. The way that he looked and his actions were pretty amazing,” Beland said of Chris. “I told my girlfriend about it and she just said, ‘I don't think you even need a DNA test, it's so obvious. But go ahead, and let's see where it goes.' ”

Growing up in California                                                              

On Friday, a local singer-songwriter named Chris Beland will celebrate the release of his new album, “The Weather Man,” with a concert at The Kilns Bookstore in Bend (see “If you go”). He'll sing his lush, acoustic folk-pop songs, and he'll be backed by a band of close friends who for years have known him by a different name, Chris Chabot.

Chris, 31, grew up in Santa Maria, Calif., a midsize town on the state's central coast, where he lived with his mom, Barbara, an older brother and sister, and a man who left the family around the time Chris was born. Both Barbara and Chris believed that man was Chris' father for the past 31 years. (The man's last name was not Chabot. That name came from Barbara's second husband, who adopted Chris when he was 4.)

Chris never had much of a relationship with the man he thought was his biological father. He said earlier this week he has met the man a few times, and “shied away from getting to know him.”

Chris took an early interest in music; he remembers enjoying the sound of a record player's needle against a vinyl LP while wearing “footie pajamas.” He learned to play guitar at age 11, wrote songs at 13, and started a punk band at 14. By 15, he was a father himself. He married his son's mother and moved out of the house.

Over the next several years, Chris grew up fast. He eventually divorced his first wife, met and married his current wife, Annie, and had three more children. Fed up with their lifestyle in California, the family moved to Bend six years ago after Chris got a job over the phone as a kidney dialysis tech at a medical clinic in town.

Throughout his life, Chris has had a “deep-rooted need to know where he's from,” said his mother. So last spring, when he asked her for contact information for the man he thought was his dad, she handed it over.

Chris said he reached out not to build a relationship, but to learn about that side of his family, its health history and genetic makeup, and anything else he might need to know for his kids' sake.

The two men decided to put to rest long-standing uncertainty as to whether they were truly father and son. A paternity test came back negative. And Chris returned to his mother, looking for answers.

“I thought I was going to go to my grave not knowing who my dad is,” Chris said earlier this week.

Encouraging from afar

From the moment he was born, Chris was the “calmest, sweetest” kid, Barbara said.

“God gave me this perfect child,” she said. “We called him ‘Casual Chris.' That was on his (birthday cakes when he was 2 and 3 years old) ... because he was so cool about everything.”

In the wake of the negative paternity test, however, Chris was not so cool. He was agitated, unsure if he would ever know his real father. And Barbara didn't know what to tell him, until her sister reminded her of a night in 1978, when she got a baby sitter and set off into the night to be young and have fun during what she now calls a “very traumatic time” of her life.

That night, she watched Ricky Nelson perform, and after the show, she got to hang out backstage with Nelson's guitar player, John Beland, where the two drank beers and played guitar. She doesn't remember what happened after that.

Her fuzzy memory newly stoked, Barbara hit the Internet to search for Beland, worried that he had died in the plane crash that killed Nelson in 1985 and that Chris would never get the answers he wanted. But she found him alive and well in Texas. She sent him an e-mail, assuring him she didn't want anything from him, but simply to let him know that he might have a son in Oregon.

That's when Beland, who was preparing to go to Australia to produce a record, watched video of Chris and saw the face of his own father. He tracked down Chris' Facebook profile, “friended” him on Sept. 21, and began reading his updates, his interaction with Annie, and comments from his friends and family. Beland also visited Chris' MySpace page and read his bio, picking up on several phrases that sounded just like something he would say.

Soon, he began commenting on Chris' Facebook page, complimenting his music and offering guidance on manufacturing CDs and staging a release show, but never hinting that the advice might be from father to son.

“He had already gone through so many years of disappointments and wondering where he came from, if it had gone the other way, it would've been a tremendous letdown for him,” Beland said. “So I just approached him as a friend.”

On Sept. 22, Beland wrote on Chris' Facebook profile: “Really nice stuff ... good picking and very heartfelt writing. Good luck with your music, John Beland.” Chris replied: “Thanks for the encouragement!”

A connection is made

“Some random guy, he's in Australia, and he writes me these comments about how he likes my music and he bought my album, and I'm like, ‘Oh cool, thanks for listening,' ” Chris said. “Before I even knew any of this was going on, he knew. He and my mom were talking. So when she called me and told me that John Beland might be my dad, I was like, ‘The guy on Facebook?'

“I went online and I looked up pictures of him, and I was seeing myself in all these pictures,” Chris said. “It was the weirdest thing ever. So I wrote him and I said, ‘Dude, I know about you now, and I just want you to know that I don't want anything from you. If anything, I just want to have a friendship with you and get to know you.' ”

He describes Beland's reply as “the sweetest” e-mail: “He's like, ‘If you're my son, I'd be the most blessed person in the world. And if you're not, then you've gained a friend for life.' ”

The prospect of gaining Chris as a son made John Beland ecstatic. He agreed to a paternity test, which came back positive a week later, setting off a celebration in an Australian recording studio and a wave of relief for a young man in Bend, Oregon, not to mention his mom in Colorado.

“I'm so happy. I'm at peace. I feel like God answered my prayers,” Barbara said. “Chris has not just a father figure, but a friend, and someone he can respect and talk to. In 100 different ways, I feel this weight off my shoulders. It has been an albatross my whole life, and it's hard to float when you're got this weight pulling you down. I feel like somebody just cut that off and I don't have to carry it anymore.”

‘I finally feel whole'

“(When I got the results,) my jaw dropped,” John Beland said. “It was obviously very emotional, but also very exciting, (and) I felt a real need to make up for all of those years that he spent not knowing, and all the years that he spent (without) a real father. I felt bad that we both missed those years, but I picked up the phone and called him, and it was a bit of a hard call to make because, you know, where do you start?”

Chris soon found out that his father knew just how to start. He and John talked for hours. “He's really funny,” Chris said. “He has the gift of gab.”

Chris learned he has other siblings all over the country, including a sister in New York he now talks to regularly, and a younger brother with whom he has “really connected,” he said. Plus there is a gang of Belands who have embraced him fully, as evidenced by their many friendly Facebook comments.

But the key component of this happy story is that a son knows his father, and a father knows his son. And both finally feel more complete than they did before.

“It's life-changing,” Chris said. “I feel like I've gotten my other leg. I feel like I've been crippled my whole life, and I finally feel whole.”

That feeling couldn't have come at a better time, he said.

“I can be on the rock bottom and still be smiling because I'm just so happy,” Chris said. “This has changed my perspective. No matter how hard life gets, I've come to this turn in my life where things are making sense.

“It's been a rough year,” he said, “but it's been the best year at the same time.”

For John, the past couple of months have been an unexpected highlight of a lifetime packed with triumphs.

“Just when you think you've experienced about all you could in the world, something like this comes along and everything else pales,” he said. “I've achieved a lot in the music business over the years, and I'm thankful for that, but those were all fleeting moments.

“People have a hard time understanding that all that stuff — Dolly Parton and Ricky Nelson, doing TV, traveling around the world in jets, staying at big hotels, doing Carnegie Hall — all that stuff was all wonderful, but they were really just fleeting moments. But a situation like this is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. So just when you think life couldn't offer much more than what you've experienced, along comes this gigantic thing that makes everything else just look so unimportant.”

Meeting for the first time

Chris is in the process of legally changing his last name from Chabot to Beland to formally recognize his new relationship with John. And on Monday, father and son will meet for the first time after John's plane lands at Redmond Municipal Airport. When Chris scheduled his CD-release show, John “couldn't stay away,” he said.

Both men are excited and nervous about the meeting.

“I think it's going to be one of those times when you have to kind of hop on the surfboard and push your way into the waves,” John said. “However it goes, it's going to be a very loving and wonderful time.

“This is going to be one amazing Christmas for me, and I hope it is for Chris, too,” he said.

Instead of letting the intense emotions of the coming moment get to him, Chris is choosing to put his wry sense of humor on display.

“I am going to see my Dad for the first time face to face in 4 days,” read his Facebook status on Thursday night. “I might stand at the airport with a cardboard sign that says ‘DAD.' ”

Ben Salmon can be reached at 541-383-0377 or bsalmon@bendbulletin.com.

Published Daily in Bend Oregon by Western Communications, Inc. © 2010



Rob Kerr / The Bulletin

Chris Beland of Bend holds an album by his father, veteran musician and producer John Beland. Chris recently discovered John is his biological father, and the two will meet for the first time Monday.

Rob Kerr / The Bulletin

John Beland, left, performs with Ricky Nelson in the late 1970s, right around the time Beland met Barbara Chabot.

John Beland performs with the Burrito Brothers in 1982 at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tenn. Beland will fly to Central Oregon on Monday to meet his son, Chris


John Beland


Rob Kerr / The Bulletin

Chris Beland center leads his band through a rehearsal Tuesday for his CD-release show Friday at The Kilns Bookstore in Bend.

www.myspace.com/christopherchabot or 541-389-9166
On the Web
To listen to songs from Chris Beland's new album, visit


Check out the link.
A nice write up from "Down Under"..
Latest News - Australian Country Music Listeners


RICK NELSON "THE LAST TIME AROUND" 7 CD box set is now "OFFICIALLY" out, on Bear Family Records (Germany)
This magnificent collection features John on 2 albums of Nelson recordings, from the lost Al Kooper sessions to the long awaited, previously unreleased "MEMPHIS SESSIONS."
John also has two songs on the collection,
John also contributes his Nelson recollections in the extensive liner note booklet, as well.
Check it out! A MUST for any fan of the late great Ricky Nelson. Go to:
www.bear-family.de for details.





We thought it would be nice to post this very nice email from a fan of John's. He has bought every CD available and this is what he said about Big Guitars vol 2:

"Hi  there, John.

 Your cd, vol. 2, arrived this morning, thanks, and have been spinning
 since, and it's great.
The final track, made me think, how about a whole cd-tribute to Eddie
Cochran, or Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, Rick Nelson, etc..
Thanks again, and best of luck with this great disc, ......Steen."





(June 25, 2010) Bear Family Records will be releasing a new box set of previously unreleased
Rick Nelson tracks, including the much written about ( but never released) MEMPHIS SESSIONS,
produced by Larry Rogers, and co-arranged by Rick & John Beland.
The album was recorded in 1979 and yielded Rick's last chart hit record, DREAM LOVER.
One Nelson / Beland composition on the album is,


but recent news is that another very rare track, recorded during the sessions, but never heard before, is a beautiful John Beland / Larry Murray song called "IT SHALL REMAIN."
John says, " I'm pleasantly shocked to hear of this song's release. Larry Murray and I wrote it in the early 70's in Hollywood. As far as I know, it's only been recorded once by Larry, Brian Cadd and I for 1977 album called THE HOLLYWOOD HORNETS. It was our tribute to friends we had lost. Ironic that Rick recorded this only a few years prior to his own death." 
The box set is scheduled for release this year on Bear Family Records, out of Germany.


John's long awaited follow up to "BIG GUITARS VOLUME 1" is here!!
14 great rock & roll guitar instrumentals. Each CD personally autographed by John.
$15.00 (plus 3 dollars shipping for USA..$6.00 shipping for overseas orders.)
send to:



Hi John,

Just want to thank you for the great evening at our ranch. Everyone
was very pleasantly surprised and pleased with the evening around the fire
listening to your music and stories.

Hope you enjoyed it too and look forward to seeing you again soon in Round
Top.  We will have to do the campfire gig again some day.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Bob Dale




Housewarming Party in Sherman Oaks, Saturday Oct 17.

When John was a young runaway from home trying to make a living on his music, just hanging out at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, he met Lois Fletcher. She believed in him and gave him his first record deal. Not only that. She also took him in and gave him the start he dreamed of. Their friendship has lasted all these years.
Saturday Oct 17, she and her husband Chip Clements gave a house warming party in their beautiful Sherman Oaks home and John was invited to perform.
After drinks and dinner the show started with Lois' son Kelly Dalton, who played acoustic guitar and sang a couple of his songs. Kelly is a singer songwriter, living in Austin Texas, and he is working on a new CD, soon to be released. Keep your eyes open good people. His songs are very melodious with thoughtful texts. What a guitar player.  !!!

Then John took the stage after being introduced by Lois. He went the whole five miles and shared his musical life with the audience. From childhood, how it all started, how he met Lois and how much she has meant to him, up to his years with The Flying Burrito Brothers and all the famous artists his path has crossed.  It's a major number.

He sang many songs and not the most common ones, but songs with a special place in his heart and with very thoughtful lyrics as well. It was a trip in nostalgia, for John and probably several others at the party.

Here you can see more photos from this magic night.





One of the nicest thing that can happen to an artist is the receive fan letters. They make the hard work so worthwhile. I would like to share a few with you:

"Oh, John...thank you for such a wonderful performance Sunday at the Stone Cellar! I heard you speaking to someone about visiting your website so I
found it...its great, WOW, you amaze me! I have such respect for talented
musicians, truly a gift when its shared. I love to watch you play and  really
LISTEN to what you play...well...just transports me to a more solitary  place
than the surroundings of the moment...the noise melts away. Sorry for
sounding so corny but I just cant say enough...
Look forward to more of that magic from those fingertips!"




Hi John,
Almost exactly 60 days ago you played at my surprise 50th birthday party
and my friends and family are still talking about your performance!  I
want to thank you for bringing your talent and memories to my life and
for helping make this celebration so special.  One of my favorite
memories from that night was when almost everyone was gone...you did
something that you probably didn't even give much thought to...  My
first grandchild of my first son was sleeping in my daughter's arms and
you spontaneously played, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" for him.  What
a wonderful moment for me to cherish.  I just want you to remember that
with all your talent and travels it is still the simplest things that
are appreciated the most.
I look forward to hearing and seeing you again very soon.



PG Frank "Chasing the Wind"
Label: Steel Mountain Records; 2009


The Norwegian Duo PG Stolen and Frank R. Fjellvang  have been making music together for more than 20 years.  Both have a beautiful singing voice, write their own songs and play the guitar. Their new album, “Chasing The Wind” with eleven songs by Frank and two from PG is produced by John Beland, (Flying burrito Brothers).  With Beland on guitar, mandolin and keyboards, the two with Bruce Rasmussen on drums, Larry Klimas on saxophone, Jody Cameron on the pedal steel guitar  become a John Beland  team. The CD begins with the rhythmic melodious Title song in American Ballad Style, and then continues like that. The two Norwegians have dedicated themselves to this style. You can hear rousing rock like my favorite "Dig a deep hole" in which Frank shows his finger picking skills on the acoustic guitar.

PGs Country Love Song „Living on dreams“  standswith the melancholy sound of the pedal steel, while "Up north of Norway" is like pure country rock. Another highlight is "Mama" by PG, a beautiful rhythmic ballad, with the enchanting sound of the accordion.

The album is a collection of songs well worth listening to that sound as if they came directly from the plains of the American Western.

For lovers of American Country music I can strongly recommend this CD with its musically superb recordings.


Adolf 'gorhand' Goriup



Read 'MelodicNet's' review of PG&Frank's CD "Chasing The Wind".


Scandinavische Americana
- PG & Frank

Scandinavische Americana wordt getekend door dezelfde merkwaardigheden als bijvoorbeeld Nederlandse Americana - het klinkt vaak fantastisch, maar het steenkolenengels is vaak ook wel erg aandoenlijk. Maar als je daar geen moeite mee hebt zijn dit twee voortreffelijke albums uit het noorden van Europa.  

Scandinavian American sounds are recognized by the same oddities as for instance Dutch American - it sounds fantastic, the coals angels? are often also very angelic.  You will have no trouble with these two excellent albums from the north of Europe. 

PG & Frank

John Beland is gitarist in de laatste reïncarnatie van de legendarische Flying Burrito Brothers, en hij produceerde voor het Noorse duo PG & Frank het album Chasing the Wind. Hij speelt zelf alle gitaren op het album, en bovendien mandoline en keyboards. Hij heeft zijn stempel goed op het album gedrukt dus, en het klinkt dan ook fantastisch. De twee artiesten waar het hier om gaat heten voluit Frank R Fjellvang en PG Stølen. De laatste, PG, schreef twee van de dertien voortreffelijke liedjes, Frank schreef de rest. Ze speelden al meer dan twintig jaar samen in verschillende bands, en dit is hun vierde duo-album. Ze maken Americana die dicht tegen countryrock aanzit. Mooie arrangementen, en een mooi groeiplaatje.

John Beland was guitarist in the last reincarnation of the legendary Flying Burrito Brothers and he produced the album Chasing The Wind for the Norwegian duo PG & Frank. He does all the guitar work on the album and moreover mandolin and keyboards. He has put his mark well on the album and it sounds fantastic. The two artists’ names are Frank R Fjellvang and PG stolen. The last, PG, wrote two of the thirteen excellent songs, Franks wrote the rest. They have played more than 20 years together in different bands and this is their fourth duo-album. They make America who dictates Country Rock justice.  Beautiful arrangements, and a beautiful album.

This Dutch text is freely translated, please have patience if it isn't 100% correct.




Bear Family Records plans to soon release a new box set of lost Rick Nelson masters, including the legendary rockabilly album, "THE MEMPHIS SESSIONS" from 1979.
John worked side by side with Rick on this 1979 album, recorded at Lynn Lou Studio in Memphis Tennessee. The album, which was never released in it's original state, featured Rick's last chart record "Dream Lover", a Beland arrangement recorded in style and spirit of Rick's early Stone Canyon Band period.
For over three decades, various compilations have featured tracks from this album, some of them actually re-recorded long after Rick's death. However, this new box set release will feature the true original recordings as they were laid down 30 years ago.
Songs include John Fogerty's "IT'S ALMOST SATURDAY NIGHT", Steeler's Wheel's "STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU", Bobby Womack's "IT'S ALL OVER NOW" , Buddy Holly's "TRUE LOVE WAYS" and more.
John played his Telecaster and acoustic guitar on all the tracks, aided by then future Stone Canyon Band guitarist, Bobby Neil on 2nd acoustic guitar.
"This was one of Rick's favorite albums, and it was a heartbreaker that he didn't live long enough to see it released in it's entirety," says John. " It was honest and close to his heart and was also the only recordings he made outside of Hollywood."
(photos...JB & Rick onstage 1979..and in the studio 1979 )


Read Arny Egeland's presentation in "Scandinavian Radio".


A big Thank You to PG &Frank for sending us these excellent photos. The first one is the original from the newspaper "Faedrelandsvennen" in Kristiansand, Norway. The other two are from the release concert in Vennesla, Norway.

Click  HERE for enlargements.

Photo: Torgeir Eikeland

Photo: Klara Turid Fidje Frettun

Photo: Klara Turid Fidje Frettun



PG & Frank / Chasing The Wind

The article is in German but you can read a

Read the whole German article.


www.johnbeland.com regretfully must announce
that we had to remove a number of  tour and recording photos from the past couple years due to a recent change in management. Johns previous manager for the past 2 years, has since she's been removed, decided to not give us permission to continue using her photo's any  longer.
As regrettable as this is, we look forward to many more events and pics to come in the very near future. So stay tuned...there is
much more ahead, and the best is yet to come!!




The great duo, PG&Frank, "Chasing the wind" is now available at

Check out this CD with two of the most talented singer/songwriters
I`ve ever worked with!!! What a pleasure to produce these two guys!
They are terrific fellows who bring an abundance of unique talent to the table.
From the very beginning, we became friends and fans of each other, and it
didn't take long before the boys asked me to produce this CD for them.
I jumped on the opportunity!

Buy this CD!
Sit back, dim the lights and fire up the heart. Pour yourself a beer
or two. Close your eyes and travel with these guys to places
like Royal Bengal Indian Take away Pizza and & Grill. Meet some
unforgettable characters along the way, such as Sam and Mama.
Ride on the Train to Voss. Chase the wind and search your soul
with "Hymn."
It`s a journey I have shared with these two extraordinary artists,
and now it is your turn.

Enjoy the ride, I sure did!


John B


"John has now been A-listed by the Norwegian Radio channel P39, which is a combination of Radio Loland, Radio Sogne, Radio Lindesnes, Radio Lyngdal and Radio Kvinesdal."





Photos from the Rockin' Christmas Show
in Vanse, Norway





John Beland has now completed his first Norwegian producing project.

Johns schedule is tight. He is booked 'til the end of the year, but  is still available for new productions in 2009.

His calendar is filling up, so please contact us soon if you are interested in having John producing you in 2009.

John Beland has production scores of CDs and albums over the years in a number of countries, such as:
Australia, China, Canada, USA, Norway, Germany and Spain. As well as top ten records in Australia.

www. johnbeland. com







John completed basic tracks and vocals for the upcoming  PG & FRANK CD project in Kristiansand, Norway. The remainder of the CD will be finished at John's studio "Tyler Trax 5" in Brenham, Texas and mastered at Frontier Studios in Copemish, Michigan with Scott Zystra at the knobs. John heads back to Texas for sessions and weekend gigs at Ernie's Bistro all through November. Then it's back to Norway for more dates through the holiday season, before returning to Ernie's in Brenham, for a New Year's Eve performance.


John's version of the old Ricky Nelson standard, "ANYONE ELSE BUT YOU", featuring guest vocalist Alison Krauss, will be featured on Australian ABC radio's SATURDAY NIGHT COUNTRY 15th ANNIVERSARY compilation.  John Nutting's number one country show has featured John's music for a number of years, as well as his top production work for artists like Michael King and Bec Willis.
"Good on ya, Johnno! Happy 15th, mate!!!"







And now it's here!!


Check out John's new project in Norway.
Producing PG&Frank's CD.




Click on pic for enlargement.

 On his next trip to Norway, in September, John will start his new producing project. 
 First out is the duo PG& Frank.  With start October they will work together in a new exciting project.

 Read more about it in the Production page.



It's been many years, but John recently reunited with his his old Linda Ronstadt / Swampwater bandmate, and dear friend, Thad  Maxwell in Brockport, New York, for a private affair at Thad's home on the shores of lovely Lake Ontario. Nearly 60 guests were treated to a rare impromptu concert, by John & Thad as they sang old Swampwater songs, and delighted everyone with
 road stories & adventures from the past.

An "incredible" evening was had by all !!!!!


Pics from 8th Avenue HERE.

New dates added to the tour. - See Touring.


Producing in Norway.

John Beland will be back in Norway in October to produce a CD for a new successful duo.
This is a project John is looking forward to and has great faith in. This group plays what
we call Alternative Country Rock. It is the first time they go together as a duo, but share
25 years experience in Norwegian music environment. They also have several releases
behind hem

More details to come.



New dates added to the tour.

Country rocking Christmas show at 8th Avenue in Vanse. With Arly Karlsen.



June 26-29 John performed at the American Festival.  The gig was  followed by Agder Sound, Vennesla  and Midsummer  Blues Festival in Mandal.

More photos 



( Vanse, Norway June 20, 2008) Here's John and his son Tyler appearing onstage at 8Th Avenue Club in Vanse, Norway. This was their first gig of a 2 month tour throughout the country. It's also the very first time the two have ever appeared onstage together.  It was a great night for all!!!


Another Pop Culture bit of Trivia Pursuit.
In the 80's, one of the hottest "shock talk shows" on TV was THE MORTON DOWNEY JR SHOW."   The show was a predecessor of The Jerry Springer & Maury, and was one of the top shows of the mid 80's.
The late Mort Downey, who was my manager in the 70's when I was signed to the Beatles label Apple Records, was a the host, and a real character. It was Mort who hired me to write and produce the theme song, which I did in Nashville Tennessee.
I played all the instruments on it, following Downey's suggestion to make it " a combination of ABC's Nightline" and "MTV" (LOL).
Like I said, he was a real "character."
Here's the theme the way it looked and sounded in the 80's. Click here!





One of the first "paid" jobs I got when I first hit Hollywood, as an 18 year old kid, landing the singing gig for a new TV show on ABC called, THE BRADY BUNCH.
The music track was already completed by a band called, The Peppermint Trolley Company. However, the final vocals were sung by myself, Paul Parish and Lois
Fletcher, under the Trolley Company's name.

So there you have a little Trivia Pursuit!! For a listen
 to the "original" theme, featuring a very young your's truly, click here!




John recently became a granddad again.
His daughter Sarah had a little daughter, Journey,  June 6.

Here's a pic of the beautiful Mother and baby.


Well, let's talk about REAL great radio. WHUM 985 out of Indiana is one of those rare little radio gems that shine like a diamond in the gloomy dark world of commercial mainstream pop / country & talk radio. It's my favorite station and I take it with me wherever I travel. They play all the great music that you can't hear anywhere, like the golden days of FM radio in the 60's and 70's.
Check them out right here: WHUM 985 INDIANA
And if you dig what they're doing,  drop Mitzi and the gang an email and tell em so. Stations like this are important. Lets tell 'em we think so.



ps..I'm honored they like my stuff enough to play it. Thanks Mitzi & WHUM !





You can now digitally download John's new CD
by going to
www.cdbaby.com ( or clicking here:
 CD Baby: JOHN BELAND: John Beland - The Flying Burrito Brothers Years  
and typing in the title on the search engine. Simple as that!

Tracks are also available on www.itunes.com as well.
So add a little country rock to you IPod playlists, and download John's latest cd, "JOHN BELAND-THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS YEARS"  today!!





will be available for digital downloading sales on  both
www.cdbaby.com and www.itunes.com

Stop by, check it out and add JB to your IPod library!



John Beland on His High-Strung Tacoma Chief

New article







A new addition to John's touring and recording sound is the latest from Wampler Pedals, the Brent Mason "Hot Wired" distortion. John's friends, Brent & Julie Mason turned JB onto this great new pedal that incorporates two great distortion units in one.

 Say's John, "
I must have gone through 100 distortion effects and was never satisfied with any of them, till Brent recommended this little baby. As soon as I plugged it in, there was punchy "that sound" I had been trying to find for years. I highly recommend the Brent Mason "Hot Wired" by Wampler. It's the answer to a pickers prayer! Thanks Brent & Julie!!!"

See Brent demonstrate the Hot Wired by clicking here:

YouTube - Brent Mason - Hot Wired pedal demo part1

(attached.."JB & His "Hot Wired" pedal)


Hiltorp Festival Poster.

Here's a little  taste of upcoming
pleasures in a musical Norway.

Inviting, isn't it?

(click the poster for a closer look)




SRS Video in association with the H.H.H Countryteam presents a film by Svein Rune Skilnand. John Beland live in the Hall of Lindesnes

John recorded a DVD while performing in Norway February 2008. The result, this great brand new recording from The Hall Of Lindesnes. A gem and a must for all country music lovers.

The DVD is produced by SRS Video in cooperation with HHH Country Team with Svein Rune Skilnand.

Price - 200 Norwegian Kr  or  US $40.
Shipping not included.

For more information about this product, please  contact :





John was interviewed by author Mark Steilper for an upcoming book called

The book will center on the history of Johnny Cash's ABC Television show,  originally aired
the early 70's. The show featured an astounding roster of musical guests, some who
rarely appeared on network television at the time. Some of the guests included Bob Dylan,
Eric Clapton, Neil Young, The Monkees, Tony Joe White, James Taylor
, to name a few.

Another one of the great guests was a hot new singer on the scene named, Linda Ronstadt.
John and Swampwater backed Linda on this groundbreaking show, appearing on a rare
episode taped the legendary Ryman Auditorium's Grand Ole Opry, to an over flow audience
of students from Vany University.

The book will deal with the turmoil that went on behind the scenes, and the importance of
what the show meant to popular music at the time.

By the way, you can catch a glimpse of John & Swampwater backing Linda on the historic
show by clicking here:
YouTube - Linda Ronstadt - She's a very lovely woman

Mark's book is due out soon. Grab it!!!!



John's new CD JOHN BELAND-THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS YEARS  is now available right here at www.johnbeland.com  !!

This great collection of John's best work with the legendary country rock band,
The Flying Burrito Brothers, features guest artist such as, Alison Krauss,
Buck Owens, Sonny Landreth, Ricky Skaggs, as well as past FBB alumni,
Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Gib Guilbeau, Chris Ethridge,  Al Perkins, Larry Patton,
Brian Cadd and the cream of the crop of session aces.  If you're a fan of country
rock, you won't want to pass this up, and receive a  personally signed copy as well.

John Beland-The Flying Burrito Brothers is an absolute must for all JB / FBB fans.
Get it now!

All copies ordered on this website will be personally autographed by John.

Can be ordered at  management@johnbeland.com 



Breakin Records ( Canada) has released the new debut CD on radio personality, and
Toronto based singer, Hugo Stranley. John produced and arranged the CD titled
"IT'S ABOUT TIME." Sessions took place at John's Texas studio, and up in
Port Hope, Canada.

Here's wishing Hugo all the best on the new CD!!!

Hugo Stranley



Norwegian harmonica legend, Charlie Blackwater sits in with John during one of JB's Norway shows. Charlie has many credits to his name, as well as his own solo CDs.  John & Charlie sounded incredible together!!!!

Says JB " I've worked with harmonica legends Charlie McCoy, Howard Levy and
Terry McMillen, and Charlie Blackwater is right up there with the best.    
What a great time I had playing live with him! "





A few clips of JB sitting in with the great Norway band Hardcore Troubadours a few months ago is now up on YouTube. ( click below) The guys were all Burrito fans and did some fantastic versions of "You Ain't Goin Nowhere" and "Windfall."  It was a great night of country rock in Norway with JB & The Troubs!!!




JB has been known, worldwide, for being one of the pioneering Telecaster B-Bender  players, along with Clarence White, Bernie Leadon & Bob Warfford. Here's a glimpse  into the actual manufacturing of John's current Fender  "Bendercaster" B-Bender. It's an interesting look into the making of this unique device.


The B-Bender & JB live onstage in Norway




JB is a featured endorsee on the DEAN MARKLEY STRING web site. John's been using Dean Markley strings "exclusively" for over 20 years.

Check out his profile at: DMS - John Beland




John discusses his work with the late Ricky Nelson to Peter Lindblas, in the new addition of Goldmine Magazine. It's a great profile on Rick and you won't want to miss it!



                   JB AND THE BLACKGUARD BOOK.                                        

If you're a Telecaster nut, like John, you'll want to get a copy of The BLACKGUARD book, by Nacho Banos. This is the most informative book ever on the Fender Telecaster, and features profiles of such famous Tele  users as Red Volkert, Waylon Jennings, James Burton, Albert Lee, Keith Richards and, of course, John Beland.

This beautiful hard cover book is a must for all Fender Tele users.
Here's the link for more info :
The Blackguard Book.


Blackguard author Nachos Banos
& jb at the dallas guitar show. 


JB signing copies of the
blackguard book.



John will be back behind the board this year, producing Scottish songwriting legend, Chris Adams, founder of the band, String Driven Thing. The sessions will most likely take place in Port Hope, Canada, although details are still being worked out as of this writing. Says John: " Chris is a great  artist with a style that's very reminiscent of the old LA Troubadour days, when Jackson Browne, JD Souther,  Tim Hardin and others brought a maturity and originality to the L.A singer / songwriter scene. I'm really  looking forward to working with this incredible talent."

Chris Adams.