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Dec 17, 2009.
"Hey John,
One of my fondest memories is that first time Kris played the Troubadour with you backing him up  on that beautiful blond Guild - F50. You sold it to Bobby Womack before I knew it was available. Because of that guitar, I named my production company Curly Maple Media. Great to connect with you again.  Let me know if you ever get to Austin.

Matt Kramer"


By Adam St James, June 2006

"John Beland's email handle is "sessionman" and with good reason. In a career spanning five decades he has laid down countless tracks behind many a legend, including Ricky Nelson, The Bellamy Brothers, Linda Ronstadt, Gene Vincent, Arlo Guthrie, Kris Kristofferson, Dolly Parton and Ry Cooder. Since 1980 Beland has piloted The Flying Burrito Brothers (he says the band hung it up in 2000 but there's always hope of a reunion), while continuing  to record with and produce dozens of artists. Among his producing credits are the first country record ever cut in Mainland China, and some of the final tracks of Buck Owens and Waylon Jennings."


"John's an amazing musician who always comes up with the perfect hooks and signature riffs whenever he is on a session. He and I have been best mates for 4 decades, and I can truly say there is nobody better."


(Legendary singer, songwriter and Australian superstar recording artist).


"We've known and used John for over three decades and he is simply one of the best in the business."

HOWARD and DAVID BELLAMY / The Bellamy Brothers.


"John Beland, a friend for many years has been the reason for much of my success in the songwriting business. His 'Original' licks that showed up on the hit records are from John's demo's he did for me. The very original lick in 'FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES' is just one proof of his Genius. He deserves the Billboard #1 chart award that I gave him that is hanging on his wall in his studio instead of on my own wall with the other awards. I used John on all of my songwriting demos. Now I'm lucky if I can get him at all.  He's the Best.

Thanks, John. You're the absolute BEST and I'll kick anyone's ass that says differently.

Tu amigo
CMA Writer of the Year


" I have done 4 albums with John and his natural instinct for what works for an artist makes him a pivotal asset for any county music project. That and his wonderful guitar work made these projects successful for all the artists and both pleasurable and memorable for me".


Producer / Performer Australia.


"I'vs heard more good music, told more good stories and laughed harder and longer with John than any other person in the world. I love this guy, and if you get to know him you will too. I've known, respected and admired John for so many years that it seems like forever and that's OK with me".


(Legendary producer, hit songwriter, founding member of the Hearts and Flowers, and MC of the famed Monday Night Troubadour Hoots.)


" John Beland is a great guitarist with a unique voice and a unique personality. I have always hoped he would one day become a star. I have also had a big crush on him as he is one of the best looking guys in the business".

(Dolly included John in her top selling autobiography).


" John is a one of a kind guitarist who has become a great songwriter in recent years. His talent will one day be looked upon as exceptional".


(President of MCA, Capitol Records and Warner Brothers Records, and producer of Frank Sinatra, George Strait, The Oakridge Boys & Reba McIntyre).


" John Beland had worked with some serious talents, before he even got to me, and his credentials are second to none. I really did have some trepidation and was I up to the task to get behind a studio mic in front of him? My anxiety was firmly placed at the studio door from the first take to the final wrap. John has become a real friend, and honestly I know I have become a better vocalist because of him. His musical ear is impeccable and to sing to his superb arrangements was a blast. As a fellow Irishman, JB I humbly say - " Go Raibh Mile Maith Agat and may God continue to bless you and your incredible talent".


Toronto radio personality and entertainer.


" Simply put, the music is great. While Beland indeed kept the band's original spirit alive he wisely updated the vision, resulting in the finest contemporary country music of the time. Songs such as "She Belongs To Everyone But me" just have the special Burritos quality but with a commercial edge that all previous lineups lacked in great measure. It is my considered opinion that the Beland releases were the finest in the band's long history".



" John, if you ever read this, understand that I hold you in the highest regard. Your music has meant so much to me - it's helped me through some difficult times in my life".



" Beland himself is a first rate singer/songwriter, (just listen to his vocals on "San Fernando Road" and Patton's rendition of his nostalgia laden title track). IN addition I was astonished to note that Beland himself served with one Glenn Frey and J.D. Souther in the pre-Eagles' Longbranch Pennywhistle, as well as stints with Linda Ronstadt and Rick Nelson - his credentials are first-rate. The jangling guitars are reminiscent of California Country Rock at its best.



" Sons Of The Golden West" the new release by the Flying Burrito Brothers is a stunning masterpiece of sonic imagery. I didn't think the  FBB could soar much higher than their last release, 'California Jukebox', but they break the sound barrier on 'Sons'. Career member John Beland's songwriting captures both the halcyon spirits of the early FBB and the authenticity that only comes with decades of experience in writing the bulk of the FBB's greatest hits".



" In a world with so much worthless music, the Burritos are not just a breath of fresh air. They are life support! Although this may be blasphemy to some, John Beland's version of the band are the real Burritos to me. 
On 'Songs Of The Golden West' Beland leads the group through a solid collection of very well produced songs.
( with those wonderful rough edges, of course) ".